Thoughts in Brief and new Blog Culture

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As I write this I am feeling a bit let down, not by anyone but myself. I do not normally make New Years’ Resolutions because they have become meaningless ways to receive affirmation, through social media; now, don’t get me wrong I love affirmation and social media but I don’t love when a promise I make is broken. Yet, regardless, I still in my head made a semi-promise to myself to write more, I felt I broke it. I could go on more about my thoughts for the past month but instead I’ll conclude with solution to myself, and my (possible 10) followers, I will make sure to post every single week, Wednesday, thoughts, analysis or anything I feel pertinent. Voice, especially those calling for revolution, are an absolute necessity. A system that is so predicated upon assimilation and contained dissent needs voices destroying it–I have no grand delusions that I am the one who will achieve that–but I know I can open a space for those who will.


Next I have some thoughts, not going to be blogged about fully: 


Charlie Hebdo, a satirical magazine in France–known for its callous depictions of religion, has become infamous after the murder of 12 artists. Suspects are thought to be “Islamic terrorists”* These deaths may be tragic, I also see the magazine for being at fault, the representation of Mohammed, which is said to be the cause of the attack, is offensive to Islam and, unlike their depictions of Christianity and Judaism, tinged with racist stereotypes. We should mourn the deaths of these journalists, but #IamNOTCharlie, here is a great article about which bodies are ‘mournable’, gives great insight into the recent killings.


Just because protests have, seemingly, died down Police violence is still very relevant, in our hearts and minds, Ferguson has been going strong for 150 Days–are they the only ones with energy left?


This year, well 2014, we lost a great revolutionary, Leslie Feinberg. Zie was pioneer in the movement for trans* liberation, hir was focused on proletarian revolution, till’ their beautiful life was cut short. Rest In Power, Comrade. *As a sidenote*, the burgeoning Socialist Alternative (SAlt), attacked Leslie’s character, implicitly, and the comrades of Workers World Party, unexpectedly. Inferring that a great revolutionary, like Leslie, was ignorant to the political program of zie’s own party; this sort of attack needs to be condemned, not because Leslie was infallible but instead to show the self-destructive path the ‘Left’ is on.

Any revolutionary ideology cannot be built upon antagonism to another doctrinaire. Therefore, socialists, such as the International Socialist Organization (ISO), should not maintain their commitment to ‘Anti-Stalinism’, or vice-versa, we need to be searching for correct theories to develop our practice–not create a program based on opposition–as it is historically reactionary.


Indian culture, especially with some American acculturation, in my experience, is rabidly anti-Black. With a lack of Black people in India, I hardly believe this pervasive ideology is organic. I think it gives credence to the power of White Supremacy, in the US. Especially, since White Supremacy has become a doctrine, impeding both People of Color (PoC) and working-class Whites, as a opposed to a horrid reality of the past (not say that White Supremacist attacks are not relevant, but, are less frequent and less physical). Indian’s, as a whole, have not been in the US for very long but we have become the envy of other PoC, due to visible financial success–apart of White Supremacist doctrine–but I believe the root cause of this ‘anti-Blackness’ is the age, old Colonialists strategy of ‘divide-and-conquer.’ More on this topic later…

In conclusion, I assert this, we cannot be free until we all are; this means, Free Mumia! Free Leonard! Free Chelsea! Free Palestine! Free Nigeria! We as revolutionaries, must fully on the side of the oppressed, to display solidarity, power, love and fight for a better world!


* This is how the Western media discusses the attackers, I neither believe in liberally using the word ‘terrorist’–especially coupled with ‘Islamic’–as it reminiscent of popular discourse, which is problematic and wrong, in and of itself.