No time for an Introduction…time for the Revolution

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Revolution, what an awful word. What a fully loaded word, filled with bloodshed, violence and just sheer negativity. WRONG wrong wrong. Every revolution we have ever been taught in our inadequate schools have not actually been revolutions. They all have been framed by “revolutionaries” inasmuch but they for the most part have been ill minded reforms which pits two sides against each other and the side that is disgruntled is the side that rises up. In reality this is exactly how revolutions have to come about and if any of those in the past had been done properly we would have actually had a real revolution. Enough of that, the point of my first post is the need for a revolutionary conscious.

A revolutionary consciousness is the belief that there is something better than what we have currently whether it is a mindset or a system of governance. Along with that it is also the belief that change cannot come with reforms/working within the system but an overthrow of the entire corrupt system. Antithetically, stagnation is analogous with conservatism not only is it regressive but it also keeps the voice of marginalized peoples, beliefs and systems. For most of history the reasons these various ideas or people have been oppressed was because of fear, a revolutionary conscious alleviates that phobia. A new idea with a revolutionary consciousness is not feared for being different but it exalted because of the creativity of the new idea. The truest form of acceptance lies in the consciousness of the revolution because tolerance comes with conservatism and liberalism/neoliberalism but that is not enough in a world with so many marginalized concepts and people. We owe it to the “oppressed everything” of the world, a revolution with the mind firstly than systematic end to corruption by dismantling systems of racism, sexism, white supremacy and capitalism among many others.

This blog will act as an voice of voiceless. Especially those who are socioeconomically poorer, colored, women and any other oppressed group. Hopefully instilling a left perspective but more importantly a consciousness of the revolution to truly give the voice that every human deserves.

Solidarity. Peace and Much Love.